LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) and PED (Product Environmental Declaration) made by Engloba for flexo F2


Engloba Team made along 2017 LCA for a flexographic printing company as a first time in the world according to ISO 14040 based on Flexo model, well known as F2 MC, for their customer COMEXI.

It is a very versatile flexographic printer that combines ergonomic and accessibility with performance ad robustness of F2 range.

COMEXI FLEXO is a new generation of printers designed to print different plastic materials (films).laminated and aluminium (Paper). In addition to the previously mentioned flexibility give an excellent printing quality of finishing over the rollers with productivity levels not known previously in the market.

COMEXI FLEXO range was designed following a modular concept that allows updating all printers because they add all different technological advancements.

COMEXI F2 MC is available with 8 to10 colours and 920 mm to 1320 mm bandwidth and repeating printing until 800 mm.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of so complex product, multifunctional with a very high quantity of materials has been done with simapro software. Results allow to the organization all significant details of environmental impact of this product in all value chain fixing the basis for Eco-design of this range of products and enhancing circular economy strategy.

In addition to that, approach done for this product allow the customer to adhere at ENVIRONDEC platform to publish content as a Product Environmental Declaration showing the Comexi will of communicate their product environmental impacts.


RACC certifies his Environmental Management system according to ISO 14001

31 / 5000 Reenvironmental and sustainability sultados de traducción environmental and sustainability

ENGLOBA team along 2017, 2018and 2019 accompanied Travel Assistance Division of RACC along the implementing process of their environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015.

Inside this project, ENGLOBA Team together with RACC made environmental impact calculus and establish environmental behaviour targets of improvement helping them to advance to a business sustainable model.


FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) get the Environmental Quality Sign for vehicle fleets.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat

ENGLOBA and RACC together make a team helping to implement environmental criteria to obtain Environmental Quality Sign for Fleets at the auxiliary fleet of FGC vehicles.

Project allows FGC to have an environmental characterization of the fleet and a correct calculus of carbon footprint of the vehicles fleet. FGC has achieved all criteria necessary to obtain the target.


RACC Works on the sustainability memory following GRI (Global Reporting Institute)

From 2018 ENGLOBA tem works on the sustainability memory realization under the Global Reporting Initiative directives.

All ENGLOBA Team members working in this project have the GRI certification worldwide recognised.

Project allows ACC group to comply with legal requirements not financial report and increment transparency on their business aligned with the strategy to become a Sustainable Mobility Services Club.


ENGLOBA collaborates with ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditacion)

ENGLOBA team collaborates closely with National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) from 2010 as technical experts and chief auditors for different accreditation schemes.

ENGLOBA Team members experience valuated by ENAC for their accreditation processes and technical evaluation of entities accredited in management areas of environmental management and climate change mainly.

High capacity of ENGLOBA members deserved and still deserving ENAC confidence on auditing and verifying processes, mainly on a new Green Pact with European Union, as EU ETS (Emission Rights Commerce) and EMAS regulation for Eco-management and Eco-audit.


ENGLOBA made initial energetic revision for TMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Transports)

ENGLOBA Team did initial energetic revision for Barcelona Metropolitan Transports into the process to implement a future ISO 50001. ENGLOBA consultants experience has been the key for the TMB contract, one of the biggest energy consumers in our country.


BAC VALVES S.A. Certify their environmental management system according to ISO 14001

ENGLOBA Team accompanied along 2017 BAC Valves S.A. company though all the implementing process of their environmental management system following the ISO 14001:2015.

BAC VALVES S.A. Company manufacture complex valves for Oil & Gas sector at international scale. Environmental management system following ISO 14001:2015 designed and implemented by ENGLOBA allow BAC VALVES S.A. equate their environmental requirements to the corresponding one to their customer in that sector (Shell, BP,…)


COEMTER S.A. ensures legal SHE compliance through compliance audit s program

COEMTER S.A.  Contract for a second time ENGLOBA Team for an environmental legal compliance audit to ensure the compliance of all legal requirements for all sites they have in Catalonia. COEMTER S.A. keep their manufacture compromise following all the time SHE standards and requirements that apply to process and installations.

COEMTER S.A. is devoted to machinery and equipments related with plastic bags manufacture.