Mission, vision and values

ENGLOBA CONSULTING, wants to be an organization committed with technical rigor of professional ethics in business areas of sustainability and climate change. We understand consulting services only from the point of view of value added to their clients. Committed also with the scientific and technical knowledge at the service of the business sector without any prejudice nor preconceived solutions in advance. We always bet on customized solutions for different problems in different environments.

The ENGLOBA CONSULTING team is focused in getting stable and long relationships with its clients based on the mutual recognition of the value of the services provided and the enriching collaborations.

ENGLOBA CONSULTING has the vocation of working without limits or borders to acquire knowledge internationally and be able to transfer them on a local scale, making the principle of “think globally and act locally.” The ENGLOBA CONSULTING staff is active internationally to provide local customers the best possible solutions.

Engloba Consulting Staff

ENGLOBA CONSULTING, is composed by a team of enthusiastic people committed to the sustainable progress of companies and organizations. The staff of ENGLOBA CONSULTING has worked in many cases of resolution of environmental and business problems from the experience, technical knowledge, ethics and professional rigor of its employees and collaborators.

The team of ENGLOBA CONSULTING is pioneer in the professionalization of the environmental sciences put to the service of industrial companies and organizations. Its founders are part of the first environmental professionals with specific university competencies in this country. Despite being a young consulting company, the team that creates it has extensive experience in the fields of sustainability and continuous improvement. It has an integral vision of the problems and high capacity of teamwork to help companies to make economic progress compatible with the environment.

Social responsibility

ENGLOBA CONSULTING is committed with the sustainable development and dignity of people, whether they are and whatever they come from. These also are our causes:

  • Kuwonku