Sustainability and Environment

The land is not an inheritance from our parents, it’s a loan from our children. Latin American proverb

environmental and sustainability

The management of the environment in an organization has become a key factor for its survival over time. Both regulatory and stakeholder pressure is increasing over time as a result of society’s greater environmental awareness.

Any organization that wants to achieve professional success must make its activities and products compatible with the surrounding environment.

ENGLOBA CONSULTING is a highly specialised consultancy firm that converts the environmental management of any organisation into a lever for change and efficiency that guarantees sustainability in the medium and long term. ENGLOBA CONSULTING‘s consultants are among the most renowned experts in environmental management and provide their services to organizations with a high environmental impact. (Refineries, Chemical Companies, Nuclear Companies, Transport…)

Among the wide range of solutions that ENGLOBA CONSULTING can offer in Environmental Management, we highlight

  • Implementation of Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 and EMAS)
  • Design and implementation of internal audit programs (ISO 14001 and EMAS)
  • Definition of environmental and sustainable strategies for organizations.
  • Environmental Audits of Purchase and Sale (ISO 14015; ASTM 1527 and ASTM 1528).
  • Environmental Compliance Audits.
  • Implementation of Environmental Legal Monitoring Systems.
  • Calculation of Environmental Footprints of Products and Organizations.
  • Support in the environmental processing of environmental legal requirements.
  • Implementation of Zero WASTE systems.
  • Management of Environmental Responsibility. Environmental Risk Analysis.

Climate Change and Energy

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. Lord of the Rings

environmental and sustainability

Climate change is one of the most important challenges to be taken into consideration by those organizations that want to integrate sustainability in their strategy. Any organization that intends to maintain a sustainable success over time must know how to manage the risks and opportunities that climate change will cause in their products or services.

ENGLOBA CONSULTING is a pioneering and experienced company in the implementation of solutions to manage climate change in organisations that are exposed to both legal and operational risks. Our consultants have the highest national capacity in solutions to combat climate change in public organisations and administrations.

Among the services that ENGLOBA CONSULTING offers to organizations in the field of climate change and energy management, we highlight:

  • European emission trading scheme. EU ETS.
  • CORSIA-ICAO (International Aviation) scheme.
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprints of products and Organizations. (ISO 14064; ISO 14067, PAS 2050, CDM …).
  • Climate Risk Analysis for highly exposed Organizations.
  • Design of mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change.
  • Action Plans against Climate Change in the management or management of the territory.
  • Adherence to national and regional Climate Change registers.
  • Implementation of EMS (Energy Management Systems) ISO 50.001.
  • Energy efficiency audits.
  • Environmental Due Diligence audits of renewable energy projects.
  • Design of Carbon Neutral strategies.

Circular Economy, Life Cycle Analysis and Ecodesign

You can change it before it’s needed or wait until it’s too late. National Geographic

environmental and sustainability

The current linear economic model (resource extraction, manufacturing, use and disposal) has reached its limits. Resources are being depleted and there is a change in the conception of products and services. The circular economy allows organizations to lead towards a sustainable model at the environmental, economic and social levels through the efficient use of these resources. It should be encouraged that the value of the products, materials and resources used is kept in the economy for as long as possible while at the same waste generation is reduced at the minimum.

Applying the life cycle approach to products and services will provide organizations with the knowledge necessary to include ‘circularity’ in their future strategic business decisions.

Among the products in this area we highlight:

  • Life cycle analysis of products and services (ISO 14040).
  • Calculation of Environmental Footprints of Products and Organizations.
  • Calculation of the Water Footprint of Products. (ISO 14046)
  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint of Products. (ISO 14067)
  • Environmental design of products and services. Ecodesign (ISO 14006; Design for Environment DfE)
  • Implementation of Zero WASTE systems.
  • Green Purchase Systems and environmentally sustainable.

Corporate Sustainability

If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money. Guy R. McPherson

Sostenibilidad Corporativa

We currently live in a very aware society, with demanding regulatory frameworks and greater expectations of transparency and access to information. Additionally, local, national and international initiatives to promote sustainable development make the role of companies increasingly complex and diverse, but also full of opportunities.

Companies and organizations play a very important role in responding to the needs of people and the challenges facing our planet. Companies that incorporate in their corporate strategy the interests and concerns of their stakeholders, and society in general, from an economic, environmental and social point of view, will be more prepared to face their long-term future.

ENGLOBA CONSULTING’s team has specialized in strategic orientation to organizations in corporate sustainability and in the design of environmental and social projects (both national and international).

Among the solutions that ENGLOBA CONSULTING offers in this area stand up:

  • Sustainability reports and non-financial information of organizations (Global Reporting Initiative, Law 11/2018).
  • Implementation of ISO 26000.
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): reporting and communication.
  • Support for adherence and compliance in platforms and networks: Global Compact, Social Responsibility Portal, etc.
  • Materiality studies and Stakeholder engagement.
  • Design of social actions and national and international corporate volunteer programs.
  • Diagnosis, Policies and Action Plans in Corporate Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Social evaluation of products and services. Adaptation and design of sustainable products and services.

Training and Capacity Building

The mind that opens itself to a new idea will never return to its original size. A. Einstein

Formación y Capacitación

Society is going through a period in which technological, social, environmental and economic changes are exponential and at a rate of variation that makes adaptation to these new scenarios essential for the survival principle of any organization.

The business environment is strongly influenced by this reality, as the need to become global and international causes great changes in working methods and relationships with clients and interested parties. Training and qualification of the staff is the way to adapt to all these changes.

Among the services that ENGLOBA CONSULTING offers to organizations in the field of training and capacity building, we highlight the following:

  • Continuous Improvement Systems.
  • Management audit.
  • Carbon Footprint of Products and Organizations. Management, calculation and verification.
  • Eco-design and Eco-innovation.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Reporting systems in Sustainability.
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Human Rights (UN Global Compact).

Sustainable Mobility

If the answer is the environment, what is the question? Jorge Wagesnberg

Movilidad Sostenible

In Spain, the transport and mobility sector accounts for about 40% of the final energy consumption. Moreover, since most of it is from petroleum fuels, it is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide (more than 30% of total emissions).

We must work resolutely towards more energy efficient mobility of people and goods that will reduce both emissions and fossil fuel consumption. Furthermore, this mobility should also seek economic, social and transit well-being for people. We must commit to a cleaner, safer and more efficient “sustainable mobility” that provides a good quality of life in cities and territories.

Among the products in this area we highlight:

  • Sustainable fleet renewal criteria.
  • Fleet environmental improvement programs.
  • Environmental Quality Assurance Mark for fleets.
  • Application to national and European funding sources and subsidies.
  • Carbon Footprint calculation of fleets. (ISO 14064; ISO 14067, PAS 2050, CDM …).
  • Calculation of fleet pollutant emissions (Copert).
  • CORSIA-ICAO (International Aviation) scheme.
  • Worker mobility plans (PDE).

Continuos Improvement and Quality

If you want different results, do not do the same things. Albert Einstein

Mejora Continua y Calidad

Today’s markets require organizations to have an infrastructure, processes and resources that allow them to control and improve their performance in order to be more efficient in their service or to achieve excellence in their product. All this with the aim of meeting and even exceeding the growing demands of its stakeholders as well as ensuring the improvement of the health and safety of workers themselves and minimizing the environmental impacts caused.

The ENGLOBA CONSULTING team will accompany you in the process of implementing any system of continuous improvement that the organisation needs to deploy.

Our experience will allow us to tackle this typology of projects with a technically rigorous approach, modern in use, integrated with new technologies, economically viable and, above all, aligned with the strategy defined by the organization. We want to seek usefulness and autonomy and at the same time ensure that the project, once completed, is solidly integrated into the organization.

Among the products in this field we highlight:

  • Implementation of management systems based on international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001
  • Project quality control
  • Continuous improvement teams
  • Supply chain audits

Compilance and Good Governance

Nothing is fairer than the honest; nothing is more useful than the just. Maximilien Robespierre

Cumplimiento y Buen Gobierno

The fair and honest governance of organizations that intend to survive over time requires an orderly and constant task of legal and ethical behavioural vigilance.

Systems for regulatory identification, monitoring and implementation of compliance measures are essential in business organizations that seek to maintain a high level of reputation. Stakeholders in every organization have clear expectations of behaviour that must be continuously and safely met. ENGLOBA CONSULTING is a specialist in legal compliance systems in the fields of Environment and Industrial Safety, key issues to ensure good corporate governance.

  • Among the products that ENGLOBA CONSULTING can offer in this area, we highlight
  • Systems for identifying HSSE requirements.
  • Implementation of legal environmental surveillance systems.
  • Environmental compliance audits.
  • National and international Environmental Due Diligence audits (ISO 14015; ASTM 1527, 1528)
  • Support in technical and specialized environmental legal procedures.
  • Environmental expertise in legal proceedings.

Cooperation and International Alliances and Partnerships

There is not a more accurate test of the progress of civilization tan the progress of the power of cooperation. John Stuart Mill

Cooperación y Alianzas Internacionales

ENGLOBA CONSULTING’s team has worked on multiple international cooperation projects in Latin America and Africa mainly. The experience with international organizations, alliances with national institutions of several countries and the work with local communities allows us to offer tailored solutions for the promotion of the internalization of organizations in the social and environmental field.

Among the solutions that ENGLOBA CONSULTING offers in this area stand up:

  • Design and execution of international social action projects of organizations.
  • International corporate volunteer programs.
  • International emission compensation programs.
  • Promotion of alliances and adhesion to international networks to fight against climate change, sustainability, etc.
  • Apply to national and European funding sources and grants (international projects in the social, environmental and innovation fields).